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Real Facts


I exist, you exist; therefore, we are real. Consciousness gives all of us the awareness of knowing that we exist. Our senses and intelligence provides us with the capability of knowing that material and spiritual things around us exist. We are real in the earth and throughout the universe; both seen and unseen things exist.

Looking at mankind however, we see that some people are good; some are evil, but we all do bad things at times. It is called sin. It is the reality of a real fact.



If we exist and are real, then certainly there is a greater intelligence that exists and is real; an intelligence that made us, earth and this universe that we know is real.

Looking at the phenomenal order of things in the universe and the size and scope of it all, defines the magnificence of the intelligent one that created all of this. The intelligence is real; the person is real. He is God. He is tremendously powerful, good and is full of love.



God has a home just like we do. It is called heaven. It is a real place in the universe. Earth is man’s home, but God’s desire is to have communion with mankind in a loving way. God realizes that mankind is sinful and need to be reconciled to him where there is eternal life. In our earthly home, we die because of our sinful state. However, it doesn’t mean that we cease to exist or be real. It just means that we change state; from physical to spirit. Both are just as real as the other.

Sinless people are allowed into heaven where God is. Heaven is a place of beauty. There are streets of gold, mansions, astonishing views, peace and uninterrupted joy in perfect health. God has provided a way for sinful persons to get to heaven even though we cannot do it of our own ability. It’s called repenting, confessing our sins and asking God’s son Jesus, to be our savior. We are then counted as sinless. It’s a real fact, of a real place of the real God. The opportunity exists only while we are alive, however.



Hell is also real. Once sinful people are forgiven, they go to heaven. If not forgiven, sinful people go to hell. It was originally created for the devil and fallen angels, but not for humans. Since Adam fell, all of his descendents are fallen. We may consider ourselves good, but all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Hence, the only way to avoid hell is to go to heaven God’s way. This can be done by sincerely asking Jesus (God’s son & only accepted sacrifice for sin) to save us.

Hell burns eternally at thousands of degrees. For those that go there, it will be agony, suffering, thirst and pain, in acute awareness of the reality of it all. Billions of souls will be there because of their choice and the regret of making the wrong choice will forever be in their minds. Don’t miss your opportunity.

These are real facts for real people to ponder.

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     9:00 AM - Prayer
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     7:00 PM - Bible Study
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Currently Meeting at:


12501 Caldwell Road
Charlotte, NC 28215




Directions: From I-85 take exit 45 (W. T. Harris Blvd) go east to Grier Road; turn left, go 2 miles, turn left on Backcreek Church Rd.  Turn right on Caldwell Rd.  From Highway 74 (Independence Blvd) turn onto W.T. Harris Blvd.  Go westward to Grier Road.  Turn right; go 2 miles, turn left on Backcreek Church Rd. Turn right on Caldwell Rd.


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